Why replace when you can repair for a fraction of the cost?

  • Decking & Handrail Replacement

    decking and handrail replacement
  • Floatation Replacement

  • Twisted Floating Walkways

  • Commercial & HOA Services

  • Lake Norman Dock Repair

  • Dock and Deck Clean & Stain

    After: A thorough clean-and-stain service will work wonders for the appeal of your dock and deck.
  • Dock Roof Construction

    After: The overall visual impact of the completed renovation is quite striking and the dock is much more useful now.
  • Boat Lift Repairs

  • Ease of Use Upgrades

    A folding flip-up ladder is a great addition to any floating dock, making it much easier to enjoy swimming and diving in the deeper water because you can easily climb back on the dock.
  • Dock & Pier Renovation

  • Structural Repairs

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    Decking & Handrail Replacement

    Decking and handrail surfaces usually take the most damage from sunlight and moisture exposure.

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    Flotation Replacement

    Dock floats provide the foundation for your floating dock. Older floats can become waterlogged or missing.

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    Twisted Floating Walkways

    Floating boat slips often end up with one or more twisted walkways. We offer many solutions and guarantee our results.

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    Commercial & HOA Services

    We completed projects at Duke Energy’s – McGuire Nuclear Facility in 2012 and 2013.

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    Dock & Pier Renovations

    Renovating your dock and/or pier will have a similar impact at a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

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    Dock Roof Construction/Repair

    A new or repaired dock roof will dramatically enhance the appearance of your dock and increase its function.

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    Ease of Use Upgrades

    Simple features like folding ladders or wading steps can dramatically enhance your dock experience.

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    Dock and Deck Clean & Stain

    Sometimes your dock looks shabbier than it really is. Renew your dock with a cleaning and staining service.

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